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I am a driving Instructor based in Norwich. Lessons for LGV/HGV, cars, minibus's and trailer towing.

All drivers training is tailored to suit each student, regardless of categories, and all training is presented in a friendly ,relaxed, thorough, and methodical way. For those that are learning their Car, (B), category, the car is fully dual controlled. All prices are competitive.
If you are starting a new career or an organisation with multiple persons to train, do make contact to see how I can help. I look forward to hearing from you.

Sat Feb 13 2016
I worked with Mark over a period of several months when attempting to achieve my D1 license. Mark was always very approachable, supportive and helpful despite (to begin with) having never met. I was provided with all of the resources I needed in order to be prepared for the theoretical side of my D1 and if I ever needed any help or clarification, I always found Mark to be approachable both via email or telephone. Once I had passed my theory I was able to receive some lessons in the vehicle itself. Mark was very honest and helped me to refine my skills so that I was prepared for my test. I think it would be fair to say that after 10 years of driving my car, I had developed some bad habits but with his supervision and guidance, Mark was able to teach me some new things and refine some old so I was able to pass my D1 test first time around.
I very much valued the support and lessons I received, and I would highly recommend Mark as a driving instructor.
Sun Sep 6 2015
Mark was my favourite driving instructor I've had by far. His manner put me at ease straight away and he clearly put a lot of thought and effort into structuring the lesson in a way which gave the best possible result. I passed, so that was obviously a good result, but the process of getting there was surprisingly enjoyable thanks to Mark
Tue Jun 2 2015
After a 2 year gap between passing my test and driving for the first time, Mark gave me the confidence to restart driving again. I have experience with a handful of other instructors prior to Mark, and I can hand on heart say that he was the best by far. Mark made everything very easy to understand and was calm, friendly and full of praise the entire time. I cannot thank him enough for the invaluable lessons he gave me.
Mon Nov 28 2016
I feel privileged and delighted to have had Mark as a driving instructor. Mark taught me from start to finish and allowed me to develop and improve at my own pace. I really struggled at first but ended up passing with only two minor faults. I would highly recommend Mark as a driving instructor. I felt completely comfortable in his car from the get go. The way Mark taught the lessons were at the perfect pace, controlled and incredibly clear on what I should do to progress. It couldn't have been made any better. His patient and methodical approach to teaching helped me to gain the driving skills, not just to pass the test, but for life! Thank you ever so much, Mark.
Tue Jul 7 2015
Hi my names Andrew and I recently did my d1 license which Mark helped me obtain. He was very patient and helped me iron out my bad habits he coached all the way through till the end which I ended up passing 1st time. I would most certainly recommend Mark too any one wishing too obtain there driving license.
Wed Jun 29 2016
In times where people are extremely quick to focus on negatives it gives me great pleasure to give praise where it is due!! I am a secondary school teacher and am very impressed with Mark's abilities to get the best out of you! He is extremely helpful and was able to get me to test standard in a short time. After spending two days on the road with Mark I passed my PCV test with two minors. Excellent work Mark and many thanks!!
Sun Jul 12 2015
Mark put me at ease right from my first lesson and knows how to adjust his lessons so you get the most out of your time. Mark got me to a pass where my previous instructor made me feel like a failure.
Mon Feb 15 2016
Another great result with Mark. He was incredibly flexible in organising the CPC at really short notice and made sure that everything was in place for me to feel comfortable going into the test. Thanks again Mark!
Sat Dec 10 2016
Mark is a great instructor working to the pace of the learner but stretching them in a positive way to ensure timely passing of their practical tests. I have used Mark for D1 and +E training of drivers whilst I was Transport Manager at Gresham’s School and privately my Daughter and now my son for their cat B tests. Thanks Mark.
Mon Apr 18 2016
Mark is a very pleasant man who at no point during my lessons made me feel pressured or uncomfortable. I enjoyed my lessons and Mark spent as much time needed the day before my test to ensure that I was happy with everything. His prices for lessons are sensibly priced and he travels to you.
Fri Jan 29 2016
Mark will guide you and support you with everything, and he is the person to go to not just to pass your test, but to become a proper driver
Tue Jan 20 2015
Mark is a real people person and understands your specific needs as a learner driver. He is a great teacher and knows how to get the message across in a positive way. His calm nature and occasionally wicked sense of humor puts you at ease behind the wheel and his honesty means that when he says your ready, there's a good chance he's right.
Tan N Dazza
Mon Dec 19 2016
Mark has done an amazing job teaching my son to drive with a semi-intensive 11 weeks from the first lesson to pass date!! He has a fabulous sense of humor so he put my son at ease straight away while being happy to keep myself informed of how well my son was getting on. Because he was such an amazing teacher, my son's test was brought forward 6 weeks. My son is also a confident lad so this helped him. I, on the other hand, was a bag of nerves on the actual test day, But, as ever, Mark kept the nervous mummy informed of the start and finish of my son;s test via text message and even let my son borrow his phone to ring me once he passed as his own mobile was broken. My son is now about to embark on his trailer license with Mark. I highly recommend him for all types of ability.
Thu May 18 2017
Thank you Mark, could not have done it without you.
Fri Oct 2 2015
I recently passed my minibus driving test with Mark teaching me and showing me the ropes. He has a very helpful and guiding style of teaching and a unique personality that helps when you're driving for 6 hours a day as it never gets boring. Mark got rid of my bad habits and improved the quality of my driving so by the time it got to my test I felt 100% ready for it.
Tue Feb 24 2015
Mark is a really nice guy he knows his stuff when it comes to driving and vehicles he is calm and collected and always up for a laugh.
Wed Sep 7 2016
Hi mate. Thanks very much for all your help and support with getting Will on the road. You didn't just teach him to pass his test you imparted wisdom and knowledge that will set him up for all of his life.
Sat Sep 26 2015
When Mark was teaching me to drive he was very patient, never showed nerves or negativity and was always calm and friendly. This put me at ease and helped me immensely, especially as he allowed my 6 month old daughter on all my lessons! I have recommended mark to all my friends.
Mon Aug 8 2016
I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU! For everything you have done fir me! Being patient throughout all my lessons & for teaching me one of the most important skills I will need! Thank you for being a fab teacher! I really appreciate it.
Sat May 16 2015
Mark has a kind and supportive instructing style that genuinely helps to build up your confidence in your own driving ability. He is easy company in the car, immediately putting you at ease. Aswell as being upfront and honest about what needs improving, he is quick to pick up on what you've done well. Mark will push you to be the best driver you can be, while offering continual reassurance and a "you can do it" attitude. He is very knowledgeable in all aspects of driving, while communicating this in a way that is easy to understand and put into practice. All round, a very excellent instructor.
Fri Mar 3 2017
Passed my cat B+E test today with only 4 minors which I was quite pleased with. I enjoyed working with Mark as I also did my cat B test with him and I also plan to do my cat c with him. This will also give me cat c1 which I will be getting my mum to pay for it as she loves me lots! The overall teaching grade I would give Mark is a solid 10 because you can have a laugh with him and still learn. He's a nice guy and buys you food adn a snack every now and then. I see him as more of a friend than a driving instructor because he's casual.
Thu Dec 10 2015
Thank you very very much indeed. You are an excellent driving instructor I have met. Thanks for always being kind to me and teaching me properly having realized my weak points. In a short period of time you taught me everything needed and encouraged me when I was disappointed with two other instructors before I came to you. but for your help and guidance I don't think I would have been able to make it. you are a divine.


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